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Transactions copy system between MT4 terminals

FXG Copy Tool can copy transactions across terminals. On one terminal transactions are made by user or by software. FXG Copy Tool copies them on selected terminals. Each terminal can be connected to different broker and account. More over terminals can be located on different computers.  Particularly on VPS servers provided by brokers or hosting companies.


  1. Copying between different accounts. For each account different MT4 terminal must be started.
  2. Copying from one terminal to many others. Number of terminals and transactions is unlimited.
  3. MT4 terminals can be located on different computers – no matter where. Terminals can be located on VPS servers i.e. http://fxsalt-pl.com/vps.php
  4. System provides selling of “signals”. /Twój trader wykonuje transakcje, które są kopiowane na terminale użytkowników (kupujących sygnały)./
  5. Amount of positions is adjusted to balance of account. For example – Trader has account 100,000 USD and user has account 5000 USD. If trader opens position of 10 lots, then during copying process it will be changed automaticaly to 0,15 lot. It is calculated independently for each terminal.
  6. Copying delay is between 0,1 and 2 sec. (average 1sec.). You must consider this if while using the system. System rather will not work for scalping technique. In fact System has a security mechanism for too big delay. If such event will happen or price will differ to much from opening price, then transaction will not be copied.
  7. Copying process can be done between different brokers. Broker quality and speed and quoting accurancy is irrelevant. But I suggest to copy from the fastest broker – ECN-STP type. You must consider that transaction made with low spread broker which is zero profit can be end up with loss with higher spread broker.
  8. Easy of use and installation. No other software required. Only one EA for each terminal.
  9. Possibility of extending system of copying transaction using FIX API protocol i.e. http://www.dukascopy.com/swiss/english/forex/api/fix_api/fix_api_account/  Trader works on MT4 but his transactions are copied to Dukascopy.

Note: For professional purposes I suggest to use commercial version in which proxy server has higher level of reliability and you get technical support.

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